Sunday, November 22, 2009

3-17-07, Guanajuato, Mexico

hola me amigos,

wow!! this is an amazing experience. today we had a classmate breakdown crying from the stress of trying so hard. i´m glad i´m not young:) i don´t take things so seriously anymore.

we still seem to be going non-stop. i´m beginning to understand much more of what´s said to me. last night we got a group of people from our school and went to a hostel to eat. it was nice and cheap.

we walked down into the famous underground highway. it´s incredible! but there are no people walking because it´s so dangerous and smoggy. the thing that really amazed us was it was the first time we had been alone, really alone (defined as no one in sight). we were stunned by the realization of how many people there are here. probably 60-70% of the people are between 10 and 25. the schools all run in 2-3 shifts.

i have walked 500 miles in less than a week:) all of the streets and sidewalks are made of massive stones laid like brick and it makes san francisco seem flat. it is immaculate and the locals are very nice. there are dogs everywhere, they seem friendly. the birds are so loud in the parks, it is deafening.

we met a lady who sold everything and moved here to start a christian youth hostel near the school. she´s from sacramento! her place is so cool.

i have to go pretty soon . . . joe and i are going to a salsa class and then we are meeting a teacher later for chocolate. mmm que rico!

the director of this school loaned me his digital camera for the rest of our stay, so we will be sending you pictures as soon as i can figure it out.

the only down side to our stay is the smog. my allergies are out of control. oh well, gracious a Dios para sudafed and benedril.

well adios mi amigos, i must go dance with my handsome husband and eat chocolate!!! love heidi (and joe)

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