Sunday, November 29, 2009

10-20-08, Florence

hello my friends,

sorry about my last e-mail, i had so little time and i didn't spell check it :) i still don't have much time!

we are really have a marvelous time. the weather has been perfect. this city is amazing. the streets come and go with remarkable abandon. suddenly you are standing at a 5-way intersection with a massive church looming over you. we go into every church that is free and i believe we have seen some of the finest art this way.

walking has become our passion. we find it entertaining to accidently arrive at a piazza we searched for the day before and couldn't find. the piazza with the huge statues has very good accoustics. there is a man and woman who play there for free on most nights (put money in the guitar case). they sound like simon and garfunkel, absolutely wonderful. a lady stands in the square and sings opera.

we went to the museums to see the art! oh my goodness! the david statue is huge and the art covers the walls. the pitti palace is going to collapse from the weight of the art hanging on the walls. and where there is not art hanging the walls are painted with frescoes that killed my poor neck.

veronica and paolo took us out to dinner one night to a lovely wine restuarant called an enoteca, and then sunday they came and picked us up for a drive in the country. CHIANTI! we were driving through little ancient castle towns and stopping for wine tasting and then a fabulous lunch at some little restuarant overlooking the wineries. and then off to touring a wine museum, then a salami store and finishing it off with a drive into the back part of firenze, right past the old medicci country home.

i have 3 minutes left and so much to say. we are going to cinque terre tommorrow and i don't know if they have internet. we will be back in florence (firenze) on saturday.

we love you all and hope all is well, heidi and joe

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