Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10-13-08, Leaving the USA

ciao my friends,

joe and i are off on a much tamer adventure than usual! we are leaving for italy on monday morning at 3:45 am and arriving in rome at 8:00 tues morning. we plan to jump on the train and go into town and take a tour bus that winds through rome for 2 hours.

than back to the airport and off to florence for a week. we'll be in florence visiting our friends veronica and her new husband, paolo, and also silvia, thomas, and baby ettore.

we will go over to cinque terre for 5 days. cingue terre is a national heritage site like antigua, guatemala and guanajuato, mexico (our last 2 crazy vacations). this is our first visit to a non-third world country (besides banff, canada 15 years ago).

then back to florence for another 4 nights and then homeward for 2 days!

a fun activity for the kids is to go to maps.live.com and click and drag to italy or type in florence or cinque terre. zoom in and switch to satelite and for florence you can switch over to birds eye view. really fascinating! check out the duomo--we will be hiking to the top of the dome. also can zoom your own house--kinda spooky.

i'll find a cyber cafe and share my crazy days with you all. until i see you again, arrivederci!

heidi and joe

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