Sunday, November 22, 2009

3-20-07, Guanajuato, Mexico

hola everyone,

i am probably going to start repeating myself:) we are so busy! salsa and chocolate was fun, and so is the walking (i´m glad i brought good shoes-barb:).

sad news for our familia . . . guadalupe´s brother passed away. she had to fly to aculpulco for the funeral on friday and she comes back today, hopefully. the house isn´t the same without her.

joe and i went to see some landmarks finally. a big statue (not in the pictures because i ran out of memory on the camera) called pipila, i think. it was at the top of the city. great view, we used the regular camera. we also saw the callijon de beso, the alley of the kiss. it´s so narrow the balconies almost touch.

we went to fabulous little church on sunday with toni. it was an extremely brisk 35 minute walk. then we went to toni´s house for the opening of her hostel. it was packed.

i have come to realize that this city is archicturally designed to direct water run-off in rain storms. from the edge of the bowl this city is built in to the other edge is practically all stone and cement angled downwards toward some mysterious exit. flash floods are the name of the game here. there is NOTHING to soak up the water. every tree is in a confined planter box surrounded by cement and stone.

well i must go study, our teachers ripped us apart today. i must learn conjugating verbs . . . yuck!!!

abrazos a besos, heidi and joe

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