Monday, November 23, 2009

3-21-08, Mexicali


are ya surprised to hear from me again? i'm surprised to be writing. they have this auxiliary trailer set up in base camp with this sweet computer set-up. so here i sit with dusty shoes and clothes in the sweltering heat . . . ah a breeze just blew through the trailer.

it has been a trying experience here in mexicali. the small church bus broke down in the very beginning creating a transportation crisis. the vehicle we came down in was commandeered for a youth taxi . . . and then it was promptly sideswiped. after the mexicali insurance agent (for both party's involved) assessed the accident, he decided he wasn't at fault and walked away from it. one of our fearless leaders ended up with a staff infection on his foot, a senior in my group got severe food poisoning. both had to be taken across the border to the hospital at separate intervals on the same day, thereby taking two more cars.

last night was the big mexicali church fiesta, 8 local churches and 4 sacramento churches, joined together for fellowship, food and major alabanzas (worship/dance music). it lasted about 5 hours.

our elderly orphanage home was changed quite a bit. they are beginning the process of creating a small chapel on-site. i was called from the kitchen (sorting donated medications) to see what one of my patients from last year was doing. i rushed out to the yard to see him doing bicep curls. he had tied a rope to a cinder-block (because someone had stolen the dumbbell from last year) and was using it for the exercises i taught him. i almost started crying.

well, we finish this journey saturday when we fly home. thanks for your time and prayers. we love you and hope all is well with you.

love, joe and heidi

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