Monday, November 23, 2009

3-2-08, Guatemala

hello everybody!
good news . . . antigua has lots of coffee shops, and they make mochas! i am very happy:) the restuarants here are very good, but we do not eat out much because maritza (the lady who runs our flat) is an excellent cook.

the mayan culture is very strong here. the locals wear clothing from their regions. after awhile you begin to see the differences in the elaborate embroidery of the woman and girl's skirts and tops. the little girls are so wrapped up it is a miracle they can walk at all.

as far as i can tell, it must be a guatamalen custom to completely disregard traffic laws. green light means go, yellow means speed up, red means slow down (if you see someone coming across the intersection), otherwise red is go. alto apparently does not mean stop! cars, people, motorcycles, bikes and horses swerve around each other in every intersection. everywhere you go people are walking across the street between cars that do not even slow down. at first joe and i stood and waited at the corners, but now we just dodge the cars, motorcycles and horses like the locals. sorry moms. it is nothing to see the passenger in the front seat holding a double barrel shotgun in his lap as the car goes by. what a crazy place, but we love it.

my teacher has been focusing on teaching me the words i need to do therapy. it is great! she is even helping me translate some of the exams and tests i do at work (for julie and melissa- she translated the tinetti test- yeah!). today i did an exam on a lady who lives here . . . she hurt her back. i met a doctor (Maritza's brother) and he is trying to get me into his hospital to see a hip or knee replacement surgery before i leave!! next week i will go to the hospital and volunteer in the therapy department.

last night we went bar hopping to find the local live music . . . we found it! most of the people listening are foriegners from europe. the gautemalans, so far, are so nice.

well we need to go . . . we have lots of plans this weekend. we will get to spend time with ardela, rachel and xela here in antigua. next weekend is with marvin and his sister.

abrazos y besos, heidi and joe

p.s. i cannot figure out how to use this keyboard, so please excuse my punctuation.

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