Monday, November 23, 2009

2-22-08, Guatemala

hello everyone, actually . . . goodbye everyone,

joe and i leave tomorrow for our next grand adventure. this time we are going to antigua, guatemala. we will live with una familia again for 3 weeks, and we'll go to spanish language school 5 days a week. then we will come back to los angeles for one night and then off to mexicali for our annual mission trip to the elderly orphanage for another week. a month! we'll be back for easter.

our first weekend (we arrive in guatemala city on sunday) will be spent with our friend, marvin. marvin lived with us for 6 months 2 years ago as a visiting youth pastor. now he's the senior pastor at his family's church (his dad is retired). we get to go with him to his church and then spend the rest of the day with his family. we're so excited.

after that we will go to antigua to our new family! monday school starts. i will write again when we get settled.

the second weekend will be spent with ardela fry and her 2 daughters in antigua. they'll be there for a huge missionary's conference (>800 people). ardela is my old neighbor's sister (theresa). ardela has been there with her husband and children for 10 years.

on another note; it should be interesting to find out if the shower heads really do electrocute you when you touch them . . . i'm sure the term "widow-maker" is just a joke, right? ardela assured me if i don't touch anything in the shower i'll be okay--especially the exposed wires! she's so funny.

talk to you soon, heidi (and joe)

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