Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10-16-08, Rome, Florence

hello everyone!

we made it one piece, which is no small feet. we had an incrediably long journey getting here. to start we left our home at 3:30 am and arrived in rome the next day at 8:00am. we promptly hopped on the train to downtown rome, and had a little glass room like on the harry potter movies on the train. we checked in our baggage to a locker site at the train station and took off on foot.

we were crazy-tired with maybe an hour of sleep, so we just kept walking. we came around a corner and a magnificant cathedral loomed over us. we went inside and were silenced by the opulant granduer of the interior. we slid into a pew and took a few precious moments to thank God for this gift. then off again . . . we went down a hill and had a gypsy accost us and got away, then we turned another corner and there was the colosium. The Colosium! sorry no words to describe that one. we lingered under this big arch and rested. as we climbed up through the city towards the train station we both had a physical meltdown and ate cliff bars and drank our rationed water.

next we flew to florence (after falling asleep on the floor at the rome airport and almost missing our flight)and took the easy way out and got a cab. alicio was his name and he was adorable as he leaned out the window at intersections and yelled in italian. the yelling has not stopped since we got here. everything is big and emotional. the generiosity and kindness is amazing.

our little apartment is so cute and functional. tonight we had thick sliced soft salami, white cheese with green herb crust and wheat bread. yummy. the marcato centrale is a blast. the food is like art it's so pretty. i mean the fruit and vegetables and cheese and meat.

we have seen the amazing duomo and though maps.live.com does it justice, it is still pretty bizarre to stand and look up! we went inside, and it was big but not as opulant as i expected.

today we went to the accademia museum. wow! it was so cool to see the transition from art of the 1200s to the art of the 1300s. michelangilo's david was stunning to say the least. man, that is one big statue. and they had a whole room of statues.

we met veronica for lunch and had a delicious long meal and a whole bottle of wine. veronica is a darling friend we met on martinique several years ago. we have stayed in touch and she and another friend, silvia (who we met in guadeloupe)are the reasons we are here in italy. we sat outdoors in a piazza. everything i have ever heard about the food is true. it is fabulous!

i will write again soon, i have 3 minutes left at this internet shop. so i say arrivederci !! we love you all and goodbye for now. joe and heidi

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