Sunday, November 29, 2009

10-25-08, Pisa, Cinque Terre

hello my friends,

instead of trying to shove this experience into 21 minutes i'm going to write again tomorrow. sorry =) you get me twice in two days!
this is the first time that i'm going to try this, but i've been overwhelmed with a desire to tell certain people about something they will be fascinated by. therefore i'm actually going to adress some of the experiences to them, all mixed together. let's see how it works?

well, a trip to 5T (cinque terre) turned out to be it's own experience. we went to pisa on the way. it was pouring down rain as we ran to the leaning tower. andre, the tower leans, but so does the baptistery. deb, the baptistery is archicturally designed to be a musical instrament! if you had sung a note with your beautiful voice it would echo 10 times and therefore you could accompany yourself in harmony. mary-kathy, the cathedral had dreamy art that i photographed carefully for you (you too melissa).

then off to 5T. the weather was lovely and the region is simply breathtaking. we stayed in a medievial town called manarola, the second of the 5 towns.

now the male friends of mine who said this was a girl trip (you know who you are bill, ken, outback bill, etc). there is no other country where you can eat pizza, drink beer, gorge on ice cream, all while watching some of the most beautiful girls in the world walk by. so i don't want to hear it any more!

mgbb, we hiked (yes hiked) from one town to the next and it was along the path that the villagers have used for centuries. they must be part mountain goat. anna (from work), you, your husband and kids must come here. your children would love it! there are 7 miles of regular trails and who knows how many other side trails (one leading up to a monastary).

and for you girls who want to know if the men are handsome? oh yeah! especially in 5T, these guys have the same tall dark and handsome looks of the city guys, but they have blue or green eyes. dreamy.

i have one minute to push send :) i love you all

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