Sunday, November 22, 2009

3-14-07, Guanajuato, Mexico

hola everyone!

we are having the time of our lives! we had more adventure in one day than we have in a month back home. our first impression was the leon airport, which is all marble--amazing!

the taxi driver took us to the address after miles of tunnel and pointed to 3 doors and shrugged and said "no se". he jumped back in his taxi and sped off. after an hour and half, we were finally led to the new address (straight up hill with four pieces of luggage). . . our host family had moved that weekend. we spent the rest of the day helping them move. walking back and forth with arms full of clothes and stuff! up hill both ways:) we still found time to go to church (yes mother we went to mass) and go to the town market, which was similar to a californian farmer's market.

there are cars here, lots and lots of cars. the streets are extremely narrow. about half of the streets don´t allow cars, which is nice because the sidewalks are only about 2-3 feet wide. the drivers are very courteous. i have never been anywhere so noisy in my life. the number of people here is enormous.

our family is extremely popular amongst the young people (18-22). the first day there was about 20-30 people coming and going--always eating. guadalupe and rogerio are always cooking. they cook for a living at the schools. as most of you know, i´m not a big carbohydrate eater. the dinner started with macaroni noodle broth soup, tortillas and white bread, with a jar of thick cream (like mayonnaise) to plop in the soup! i didn´t eat much:) but then she served fajitas and i was happy.

anyway school is good, a little hard but good. we spend most of our free time wandering the streets and looking at the amazing architecture and eating los familia calderones food.

sara, tell evilia that the lotion and the chocolate was great gift. the women smell different every day and they are always sniffing each other. the madre simply took the chocolate and that was that. she has not shared it with anyone as far as i can tell. tell reed that they have 2 huge black dogs and he would hate it:) they also have a cat.

the house is completely open, except the banos and bedrooms. there is a piece of plastic on stilts as a roof for the main house. it is 3 stories tall with little circular slick marble steps.

the people here have a great respect for therapists. they treat me like a doctor, but more tender.

i am leaving out so much, but so much has happened in my first
few days. i will write again soon. sorry there are no photos yet, i haven´t figured that out yet.

lot´s of love, heidi (and pepe too)

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