Monday, November 23, 2009

3-23-08, Home

hello my friends,

i feel as though you traveled with me! we had an interesting adventure together, huh? well, we are thoroughly content to be home. our bed is even more comfortable than i remember.

the last evening together, with the mission team, was spent at new song covenant church in irving for Good Friday services. they had a really moving experience for us to participate in. six rooms were set up with different ways to remember Good Friday. it was very nice and a bit emotional.

now i will admit that joe and i almost didn't go on this trip, because of the risk. before we left, we had been warned that it was very dangerous right now. armed ex-military gang members were setting up blockades and forcing buses to stop. they would board the bus and you can imagine the worst. we really struggled with our desire to see marvin and ardela and our fear of danger. when we left i almost started crying because i was so scared. but marvin and ardela took very good care of us and antigua is probably the safest place in the country (it's all relative). on our last day there, president colon (not sure of the spelling) showed up in antigua to attend a concerto at the foot of the cathedral (the grey haired guy, center of photo, chin in hand). we walked right past the secret service and the 50 caliber machine gun mounted in the bed of a 4-wheel drive pick-up and took pictures of the president. i guess you could say we got over our fear, huh?

well, until the next adventure! (visiting veronica, sylvia and thomas in italy this fall). abrazos y besos

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