Sunday, November 22, 2009

11-11-07, club med, columbus


joe and i are in florida for the night. tomorrow we head home. we have been in the bahamas for 2 weeks, on san salvador. this is a very pleasant, nearly deserted island. the locals are so sweet and they claim that 60% of the people are directly related. so i guess i could say that it seems to be a very nice family .

we arrived right before hurricane noelle (she wasn't a hurricane when we met her-just a BIG tropical storm). for 4 days it rained as the storm very slowy wiped out dominican republic south of us. we still swam and played in the heavy surf . . . it was fun. the club med staff tried their best to entertain us savages by playing games and bringing out all the monte carlo tables. joe's mother tried to teach joe, jeanette and i how to play bridge. she was very patient, but to no avail. it was to difficult for us young'uns.

this last week was fabulous diving and i saw my first hammerhead shark. i was so excited! we also saw turtles, black tip sharks, nurse sharks, lobster, crab, baraccuda and a zillion other tropical fish. there was even a grouper that liked to be petted. it would come right up to you and wait for you to pet it's belly and then go to the next diver for about 5 minutes.

we ate way too much food and exercised a little . the yoga class on the dock was the best. at the end she would say "close your eyes and imagine you are on a deserted island in the bahamas". that sure was easy!

talk to ya'll soon, joe and heidi.

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