Monday, November 23, 2009

3-16-08, USA

as i type i am listening to my husband combat leopards and lions in the front room of my niece's house in monrovia (in the los angelas area). i thought returning to the usa would be safer, but apparently not! our nephews make vicious little predators. joe is not too thrilled about being a gazelle under these conditions.

it has been great to get a good night's sleep. we had feather pillows last night and a long hot shower this morning without the fear of being electrocuted. i felt really strange putting my toilet paper in the toilet though!

we are waiting for pastor dan to pick us up in a van and whisk us off to mexicali. i'm not sure when we will break bread with the mexicali camp, but i think it will be late. i imagine we will go to the motel first, but who knows? tomorrow we will visit the elderly orphanage to assess their needs and then go to home depot or walmart and get supplies.

thanks for letting me use you all to decompress my emotions through my journaling.

wow!! the tables have turned here . . . joe shedded his gazelle disguise to reveal that he is really a fire-breathing dragon. the hunted felines just ran past me in giggling terror.

abrazos y besos, heidi and joe

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