Monday, November 23, 2009

3-12-08, Guatemala

my senses are on overload. there is so much to see, hear, feel, touch, taste!

everywhere we look it is gray or painted-over gray. it is like a giant sand castle. you can paint it all you want but the paint crumbles away and reveals what it all really is . . . rocks. crushed rocks, cobblestone streets, stone walls covered with cement. flowering vines creep around every corner and brighten even the grayest building. the color comes mostly from the people, especially the indigenous people. the brilliant colors just boggle your mind. a quick look around the city makes you realize how vulnerable one is here. the most dangerous volcano in the americas is looming over me everyday (volcano agua), usually with a cap of clouds on it. 45 degrees to my right is an active volcano that is currently spewing out a plume of smoke miles high. on the street winds a procession that will last 10 hours as 20 or 30 people carry a huge representation of Christ carrying the cross--it is probably 30-40 feet long, followed by the virgin mary which is equally as big. the traffic congestion at this time is literally indescribable. people simply walk away from their cars in the middle of the street to see the procession.

the sound of rattling cars and tuk-tuks is constantly competing with car alarms, honking horns, dogs barking, kids playing, laughter, drums for the processions. everywhere is people calling out " special precio for you", "buy two", "husband buy present for you".

we love you and will be as safe as we can! my computer time is up!!!

joe and heidi

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