Friday, December 18, 2009

11-05-09, home

hello friends,

i was cut off on my last e-mail from turkoise, club med. i ran out of minutes! so this is just a note to say we are home, and our bed is so comfortable :)

i've attached a few photos of our antics. i should probably explain why we are dressed up in renaissance clothes . . . we got chosen to be king and queen on the last night (joe's birthday).

it was a fabulous vacation and i look forward to what joe is cooking up for us in the spring (he plans the spring trip and i plan the fall).

heidi and joe


  1. dont you look cute! Welcome to the blog world! looks great!

    1. You may not believe this but I am just now seeing my comments! And thanks for saying I'm cute... kitty masks add to a girl's looks :)