Saturday, March 27, 2010

3-27-10 Mexicali

hello friends and family,

as always, i ask for your patience as i familiarize myself with a new keyboard! at this point i have no access to my yahoo e-mail account, so i can-t even tell you i am writing this :) just to get this keyboard to do the @ sign i have to hold down the alt button and enter 6 and 4. imagine the spanish i had to speak to figure that one out!

we left thursday morning with the church rental truck. it was packed so full of suitcases, sleeping bags, food, and stuff that we could barely shut the rolldown door. when we finally made it to the border on friday they wanted to see in the back . . . maybe smuggling americans across the border? we could barely get the door up 2 feet. fortunately the guard changed his mind. joe had to stand on the handle and hop up and down to get the door back down. we were told we were at the wrong border gate, this was for trucks. hmmm. we went to the other gate, but it was wrong too . . . you guessed it, this was for cars, not trucks! finally they, out of the kindness of their hearts, let us pass:)

we somehow found the campsite. our directions were from the other gate. once there we unloaded the truck and i spent the rest of the afternoon in the holy business of papering over the teens windows (to prevent naughty peek-a-boos), blowing up balloons, and making welcome signs. we went all the way to the main road tying up balloons, and taping up signs to guide the caravan of missionaries to the campsite. at the main road we put up 9 balloons with the sign. before joe and pastor mark could get back into the jeep, 2 of the balloons were acquisitioned by mommies for their 2 children. i wish i had a picture of them hustling up to the balloons as soon as the guys turned their backs.

last night we went to la lucerna for dinner. we shared a delicious meal of chicken stuffed with greyere (spelling?), parmesian, riccota and wrapped in a light pastry. i had a glass of argentinian wine and joe drank a bohemian. then we walked back to our hotel and stopped along the way at a local night crafts market.

well adios for now, we love you all!
heidi and joe

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