Friday, December 11, 2009

4-3-09, Puebla, Mexico

hola ya´ll,

this is our last day of school! we just had a barbeque in the backyard of the school. this is a very small school with only 6 students . . . well the school is big, but the student body is small :) they like to have about 1 to 3 students per teacher. nice and cozy! the problem is that one of the 3 students in my class doesn´t seem to be interested is spanish . . . can´t imagine why she´s here.

we went to cholula again yesterday as a group with the director (an american from denver-hilarious guy). this time we visited the pyramids. very interesting, because there are 3 of them . . . one on top of the other. apparently the one on the outside, the biggest in the americas, was never finished. we got to go inside and see the smaller ones. there is a big church on top of the mountain (which is actually the pyramids, and is the one i told you about that had the native dancers outside during mass).

we went into a church (one of 365 churches) that is said to be the same as entering heaven, or it is heaven, not sure which. i was quite eager to see this, as you can imagine. the center aisle slopes upwards slightly to give you a sense of ascending into heaven. .
the decor gradually becomes more elaborate and intense as you approach the alter. there are carvings of every fruit and vegetable known to the artist. angels literally cover the walls, peaking around leaves and such. there is a carving of Christ seated on the edge of a bench looking down at you with an expression of indecisiveness. it gives one the feeling that your entrance isn´t a sure thing! the actual alter has so much gold on it that my pictures didn´t come out very well because of the reflecting light . . . and i didn´t even use a flash.

tomorrow we head off for mexicali for our semana santa (holy week) mission trip we take every year. usually we go with an enormous group, 100 plus people. this year we will only have our humble little group of about 10. but we will try to be like fishes and loaves of bread and multiply our efforts. in the past i´ve been able to use josiah´s laptop to send e-mails, but not this year. maybe there will be one at the hotel? we don´t have a definate plan, but we may paint the lady´s dormatory, replace a window, clean out the future chapel, have a party for jose and daisy because they have a new baby. we´ll see!

we´ll i´m heading off to go shopping and drinking wine and eating dinner later with my family here (mago, pati, teri and all their friends and family). we might have abondigas . . . meatballs with an egg inside and green salsa sauce. my favorite next to mole poblano . . . yumm.

lot´s of hugs and kisses, heidi and joe

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