Wednesday, December 16, 2009

10-17-09, Turks and Caicos

hello everyone,

this travel journal will certainly read a little differently than most :) we are on an island in the carribean. north and a little east of cuba. it's called provodenciales, and it's part of the british west indies group, turks and caicos.

we are at club med, turkoise. many of you to whom i write are friends we've met at various club meds, so you know all about this! but most of you haven't had the experience.

we arrived a week ago after flying through the night with a stopover in new york. joe and i were picking out our favorite umbrella on the beach by 11:30 that morning. the next morning we went scuba diving off a gorgeous catamaran. it felt so good to giant stride off the back of the boat and feel the whoosh of warm water envelope me. i turned and waited for joe to jump in, we gave the OK sign and dumped the air out of our vests and sank to 90 feet.

the next dive site is called aquarium and it earns that name, you literally swim through schools of fish. i wear a bright blue and white flowered swim cap when i dive (picture that!) and the fish love it. a turtle was so fascinated by my flowers that he tried to land on my head! it was hilarious.

several dives later, joe spotted a massive nurse shark taking a nap out in the open sand flat. it turned into a photo frenzie as we kept going back and forth fetching other divers for this rare sight. joe finally ran out of air and had to rush back to boat and do his safety stop while breathing off the emergancy air provided at the 15 foot bar. this was followed by 3 photographers who also ran our of air! lots of fun!

we spend the rest of our days laying sprawled out on beach chairs under a palm tree or an umbrella. we've made some awesome new friends and run into some old friends too. the couple from paris have been our beach buddies. we took long walks together down the seemingly endless beach, either up on the sand or in waist deep water depending on how hot we get. the sand is so fine that it has to be rinsed off, otherwise it sticks like powdered sugar mixed with flour.

the food is too good . . . especially the chocolate bread. yummy! almost every afternoon we indulge in cheeseburgers and fries. i'm certain i've gained 5 pounds. at dinner we've settled into the routine of making a big salad with various fish on top. mahi mahi is my favorite, but that salmon the other night was pretty wonderful. joe finishs his nights with ice cream and more chocolate bread.

last night was a big mascarade party. you wouldn't believe the elaborate masks and face paintings. the employees wore exotic costumes straight out of a 17th century scene.

there is a circus workshop here. it is fun to sit and watch the fools who are crazy enough to climb that skinny little ladder. and jump off! and get cought upside down, swung through the air and released. we stand there in the shade and drink ice cold beer (yes, if i'm hot enough i drink beer) and watch until the ocean calls us back.

i think i hear it now . . . yep, i gotta go and bury my toes in the sand.

heidi and joe

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