Wednesday, December 9, 2009

4-7-09, Mexicali

hola amigos,

last saturday we left puebla on another bus for mexico city. we ate at an awesome little airport restuarant and hopped on a plane for mexicali. our pastor picked us up from the airport and took us to the hotel. we got to see a high-speed chase with a police car chasing a 4-wheel drive truck that went off into the dusty sunset . . . very exciting! we have seen more police here than at my nephew's graduation from the CHP academy last year! they are everywhere.

we are here to work with the house for the elderly homeless people for the 3rd year. jose and daisy own the house. the last time we were here in february they were expecting a baby. well she has arrived and her name is ashley! she's absolutely adorable. last night we went for chinese food with jose, daisy and ashley. it was delicious. i didn't know that a pretty big population of chinese people lived there.

many of the same residents are still here. it is really special to see them and have them remember us. a new lady lives there now and she is obsessed with cleaning, so it's a great help to the home.
the man who is 102 is still there and today they all got a haircut, so we raved about how handsome he was. he was quite the little king for the rest of the day.

we have the daunting job of trying to stucco the exterior wall of the men's dorm. yesterday we attempted to purchase all of the right supplies for the task, but it was hard. a guy from the states helped our guys pick out the right stuff and showed such knowledge of the stucco that we hired him for 30 bucks to work his buns off all day today. what a great decision . . . this guy was really good and fast too. we reserved him for tomorrow again! he's been talking to pastor dan about his faith, so it is even more exciting for all of us.

as for us ladies, we tackled 2 different rooms (big rooms). one side recieved a much needed paintjob in a pale yellow and the other room was completely filled with donated clothes and blankets. i kid you not, there was at least 150 blankets and probably 20 bags of clothes. jose asked us to clear out the room and to put all of the good stuff out on the sidewalk. we obeyed. 3 hours later when we arrived for dinner, the sidewalk was completely empty! we had to mask up for the job because the popcorn ceiling (with asbestos) was everywhere. talk about a filthy job . . . yuck. today it looked good. we left another sidewalk full of clothes and blankets today . . . maybe there will be some warmer people here on the streets.

joe's not feeling great, but he's hanging in there. taking lots of sudafed and nyquil:) he won't stop working though i did get a great photo of him taking a siesta on the roof!

tonight we will all be going to the brazilian steakhouse for dinner. our favorite restuarant! tomorrow is pedicure day for the residents. we will soak their little footsies in water, cut nails, and rub in lotion. thursday is clean the kitchen and mens dorm day, and then we leave on friday. we'll head over to san diego and readjust to a completely different culture.

we love you all, and i'll probably not write again unless something really wierd happens. we'll be home friday night.

love joe and heidi

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