Friday, December 18, 2009

10-22-09, provodencial


i ache everywhere . . . i need to get back to work, so my body can take a break from this crazyness. between getting banged around on the dive boat, walking on miles of beach, and doing my speed walk up and down stairs, i barely have enough energy for the nightly ritual of "crazy signs". i haven't made a yoga class yet! joe has managed to get a day of sailing lessons in and he didn't flip the boat over.

last night we were invited to the chief-of-the-village's house for a cocktail party with other guests who rank as either silver or gold members. we are silver. gold is over 100 days at a club med in the last 3 years. one lady at the party has been here since april (yep, six months).

the people here are so . . . unique:) i could write a book on the variety. the sweet hippy couple, who are both physical therapists in seattle. their mother just passed away after caring for her for 12 years. they are here to decide what life holds for them next. the two guest yoga instructors are darling as they eat their healthy food and then sneak chocolate bread.

one of our favorite g.o.'s (employee) got fired yesterday for getting too drunk and doing shots by licking them off of a guest's belly button at 4 in the morning. we'll miss him. he used to go out in the big waves on the rescue boat and try to launch his buddy into the air off the front of the boat. looked dangerous, but they were laughing hysterically.

chokri is a little guy from tansania. he speaks arabic as his first language and he sings too. he's manages somehow to get into every show to sing a solo (or two).

there's the guy that wears a big flower behind his ear every night. another guy who wears a tahitian skirt and shirt, he goes by 'bora-bora-bob'. he comes so often he has a name tag. there are about 6 lesbian couples here, they all look like each other. one old guy has worn the same shirt since he arrived and it smells like sweat. one couple looks like movie stars, i think she must be julia roberts :)

the chief of the village is a lunatic! he reminds me of the animators they used to have. he is constantly disrupting the shows by riding a bike across the stage or some other goofball thing.

then there's the dive lady who goes to a club med once a month with her husband and grown daughters (when they can make it), the group of postal carriers from rhode island who took over sharkies bar and sang along with the music and drank shots, the senator and judge who walk up and down the beach chest deep in water talking non-stop to each other.

oh crud, i'm outta time

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