Friday, March 25, 2011

We're off on another adventure!

Goodbye friends and family,

We are heading south tonight. We'll catch a midnight flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Tomorrow we'll settle into our little hotel for one night in Alejuala, near the airport. I suppose we'll walk around until we can find some dinner and then hit the sack because we've got to be up early Sunday morning to catch our school van for the final leg of our journey.

According to the maps we will be climbing up over the volcanic rim of the valley where San Jose is, and down through the rain forest to the port of Puntarenas. There we will cross the Gulf of Nicoya to the Nicoya Peninsula (with our van) on a ferry. Once there we will drive the remainder of the way on questionable roads to the little hippy town of Montezuma.

Montezuma will be home to us for 3 weeks. We will be staying at the school hotel which has a shared kitchen. Each room has it's own bathroom and shower. I'm a little nervous about the showers . . . they are the 'widow-maker' type. We had that type in Guatamala too. The water is heated by electricity through the pipes. If you accidentally touch the shower head while it's wet . . . ZAPPO! Apparently it won't kill you, but I bet the victim let's out a stream of cuss words, as they flounder around.

Our 'home' will be next to a river with several famous waterfalls. We hear that the sounds of the river help drown out the sounds of the partying in town and the Howler Monkeys in the rain forest surrounding our hotel. I'm not sure why they're called Howler Monkeys because they actually growl so loud that they record the howling for scary T-Rex scenes in movies. Wonderful. Yes I've packed my earplugs.

Spanish classes start Monday morning sharp. I'll write as soon as I can find an internet cafe.

Lots of love, Heidi and Joe

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