Thursday, March 31, 2011


the favorite saying here is pura vida . . . the pure life. it translates to 'this is the good life'. everyone is extremely friendly and always willing to strike up a conversation. this town reminds me of lahaina, hawaii, 30 years ago.

yesterday our teacher took us up to the famous montezuma waterfalls. on the trail we came across a clan of white faced monkeys. they played like kittens on the rocks and trees in the river. i got some great photos . . . and then the alpha male came up to me and yelled at me while shaking his tree limb with his hands, so i took his picture too! after that we scurried away. (post script comment . . . after i was able to view these photos on my pc at home i realized the alpha male had a mommie with an infant on her neck. look closely at the monkey on the right)
then we swam in the pool under the waterfall, and joe scrambled up under the falls and jumped off through the water with edgar. boys will be boys.

last night we had a romantic dinner at 'la restaurante de artistas'. we sat on big pillows on the sand and ate at a low table. the theme is mediterranean, with beautiful candles everywhere . . . and a few bugs. we split the fillet mignon, hummus, brochettes, a glass of wine, and a beer, all for 30 dollars. as you can see it's not so cheap here, but considering the excellent quality (grass fed beef) and the romantic atmosphere on the beach it was a good deal.

today we headed back up the waterfall again but this time we walked up the road and went to the top waterfall (there are three) and boy was that spectacular. this time joe and i both jumped off a 20 foot rock into the deep pool. there is simply nothing like hiking through a humid jungle toward the sound of cascading water, and then jumping in cool fresh water. i hope this waterfall is in heaven. afterwards we climbed straight up a wall using roots as hand-holds and foot-holds . . . joe was not impressed. we emerged on top of the cliffs overlooking the end of the peninsula. there is a mango farm there and we tried to snatch a mango, but none were ripe.
back at our hotel is a fresh water pond which spills out to the ocean. it is so incredibly refreshing to dip into right before we head up to our room.

hugs and kisses, heidi and joe

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