Sunday, May 9, 2010

5-9-10, home


i finally am posting the photos! my computor wasn't working so well when i got home, and then i wasn't working so well :) as always, i put off things like this because i know it will keep me from my garden and cat. for a writer i have an unhealthy aversion to being stuck indoors with a computor.

two things cross my mind as i write this; 1. what was popular in guanajuato and 2. all of my window photos.

first i need to jot down the styles so i don't forget . . . young men with hair sticking straight up with phenomenal amounts of hair gooh (reminds me of the 50's in california), girls with skin tight jeans and boots, cigarette smoking (even in restaurants where it's illegal), draping oneself with linens and arranging your legs on the sidewalk to appear broken while begging, playing a musical instrument for money, little-little children selling chiclets, dressing up in wedding clothes and painting your face like a skeleton, old men glaring at you like you are a thief if you don't give them money after a particularly horrible song, hanging out at starbucks or cafe tal, ten teenagers in a small car, roasted peanuts, ice cream, churros, lay chips with hot sauce, micholadas (beer, hot sauce, lime), internet, kited DVD's, and the strangest of all is how many people wore shirts that said 'hollister, california' on them . . . do they realize that hollister is little cow town in the middle of nowhere . . . they act like it's 'guess jeans' or 'new york city'!

i'm addicted to taking photos of windows with animals or people in them. here's a series of photos over the years:

guanajuato, mexico

cinque terre, italia

guanajuato, mexico

antigua, guatamala
antigua, guatamala

well, i'm signing out until our next trip. just remember, if you want to comment you can always email me if you can't figure out how to blog on this site.

hugs and kisses, heidi

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