Tuesday, March 29, 2011

arrival in montezuma

hola mis amigos y mi familia tambien,

we made it! joe says to say he is alive and well. he is sitting across the street at his favorite bar having a costa rican beer ¨rock con limon¨. actually i like it too, and i don´t like beer. it tastes like lemonade.

it was your typical red-eye flight. we slept on the floor at the airport in houston. the arrival in costa rica was a bit of a shock. the airport was very nice with awesome shops. a taxi took us to our cute, but dumpy little hotel. it had a clean tiny pool and not so clean tiny room. i folded my blankets over and over again until i could make the bed soft enough, and then i slept on top of them. we walked all over town and ate delicious food.

the drive over the mountains was a scenic four hour trip. we then boarded a ferry to cross the nicoya gulf (an hour and half). very pretty ride with our new friends from the taxi-bus ride over. after another hour and half we arrived in montezuma.

montezuma . . . hmmm. it´s hard to describe this town. it is a hippie town. the locals are not costa ricans for the most part. the common language is spanish but english is almost equal. the town consists of expatriates from everywhere. surprisingly the biggest groups are the italans and the argentinians. in every store and restaurant you hear french, german, italian, english and of course spanish.

at night the heat dies down, and the people come out of the woodwork. tables magically appear with crafts and jewelry. the crafts consist of woodwork and marijuana pipes. the pipes are actually the most interesting. they are all either hand carved from wood or stone, or they are blown glass. the nick-name for this town is montefuma. if you like the ´grateful dead´ and ´bob marley´ you´ll love it here. most of the visitors are here to learn yoga, surfing, fire dancing (poi), or spanish, or just to veg out on the beach.

joe and i are here for the spanish classes, and we lucked out this time. we have our own instructor, edgar. he is actually a tico (name for costa ricans).
yesterday, after 2 hours of class work we did our ´lab´ by walking to a big surfing beach, stopping along the way to cool off in a natural fresh water pool. unfortunately i got heat exhaustion anyway and was sick for the rest of the day. but today is a new day and i feel great. today we went the opposite direction and hung out in the shade on the beach and played trivial pursuit in spanish. i won.

our room at our hotel is an adventure in and of itself. no airconditioning. its over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and close to a 100 % humidity. with two fans directed at our bed and sleeping on top of the sheets (no blankets provided), we made it through the night. almost no stores or restaurants have airconditioning . . . except the internet cafes:) our shower is cold or boiling depending on how many people in the school are taking a shower (at least it's not the dreaded widow-maker type). the kitchen is actually a space on the upper patio that is fenced in by chicken wire to keep the monkeys and other critters out.

i´m running out of time so i will say good bye for now. we love you mom and mom. we are safe and having a wonderful time.

hugs and kisses to all.

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