Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things That Make You Say "What The Heck!"

To this Californian, there are some things that just strike me as odd, out of place, or just surprise me.

For example in CA Tang is almost nonexistent . . . at least among adults. Here the grocery store has 5 feet of shelf space, top to bottom, dedicated to all of the various Tang flavors. I didn't even know it came in any other flavor than orange!  And then there is the popcorn. ACT II microwave popcorn comes in about 10 flavors (chipolte, lime, cheese, caramel, etc).

Sitting on swings at the bars is really a novelty. Not so sure how that works if you get drunk, but it's fun sober . . . especially at Senor Frogs. That place is a riot! It's expensive, but worth it for entertainment's sake.

We hear 'Hotel California' at least once a day, but the one that made us laugh and say "what the heck!" was when the Peruvian band was playing it with their native instruments. It was actually very pretty as an instrumental.

A huge apartment/condo complex, off 5th ave, has balconies like cages. The whole building is lit up with red lights . . . everywhere. Joe calls it the Devil Hotel. But that's not the weird part! Each balcony has it's own full size silver mannequin. The residents have free rein to dress up their own mannequin any way they want. It really almost defies description. The garb ranges from scuba suits to burlesque. Really weird in creepy way.

The other night we were at the Dirty Martini, with the gang from our hotel, when a big pick-up truck pulled up. It had an enormous tree root in the back that had to have had a crane to put it there. It was bigger than the truck! Roots stuck out at odd angles.
As soon as we realized it was a carving everyone spilled out of the bar onto the street to get a better look. It was absolutely phenomenal. Leopards, alligators, Mayan warriors, skulls, and Mayan symbols made a story. The artist explained it is for sale for 30,000.00. It took him 2 years to carve. (If you want to buy it, just comment below and I'll hook you up). It's purpose is to be in a large room with a huge piece of glass on it and "Viola!" it's a table.

I like friendship bracelets. My young friend, Isabelle, makes them for me all the time. When I saw the intricate friendship anklets/bracelets here I couldn't resist, so I bought one for a dollar. When the same girl came down the beach the other day I decided to buy more, so she stopped and gave me two big bundles to choose from. All of a sudden she grabs the bundles and dives halfway under my lounge chair. I turned to look at her curled up in the sand next to me, and she shakes her head and puts her finger to her lips, "Shhh". So I swivel around and see the beach police cruising down the beach looking for street vendors who had snuck onto the beach. Her two friends were laying flat behind a stack of cushions. After the police went by she popped back up and we finished our, what I now realize is an illegal, transaction. She smiled her thanks and sauntered off down the beach with her buddies.

Wine opened: Jayson Zinfandel . . . fabulous! Very rich and creamy with hints of chocolate and heavy berry. This was a gift from Telan, my PT intern and greatly enjoyed on the balcony of Hotel Freud with our new friend Janine. (For other wine notes backtrack to my blogs from this trip as I just added them this morning).


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