Sunday, November 20, 2011

Memories and Photos

I still remember when we were circling Cancun Airport because it was raining so hard the pilot didn't want to land. He finally gave in and landed. When we left Cancun two weeks later, the pilot couldn't take off because the airplane toilets weren't working properly. After an hour of sitting on the plane the maintenance guy told him the toilets would probably work at about 16,000 ft , so we'd take off anyway and see if they worked! Thank goodness they did work.

I wanted to go to this restaurant I'd heard about on YouTube called La Cueva de Chonga. It took us two weeks, but we finally found it. The food was great and it had the most amazing kitchen. A pond ran through the center of the dining area with about ten turtles and fish cruising around. I'm so glad we found it.

I bought four of these amazing Mayan gourd lights. Each one has a special meaning . . . courage, wisdom, love, friendship, etc..  They came with a little light fixture wadded up inside the gourd. When we got home we realized the "light fixture" was an electric cord, a socket, and a plug. Joe had to wire them himself. So far they haven't caught fire!

I can still almost feel my two massages. They had a deal '2 massages for 50 bucks'. I asked if I could have 2 massages on different days because Joe didn't want one, and they agreed. Man that was great! Just laying on that table on the beach . . . the ocean breeze fluttering the white curtains and tickling my skin. Heavenly. Each massage was an hour of bliss. When I waddled back over to our beach chairs Joe laughed at me. I should have done it immediately after arriving.

A couple of nights before we left we went out to dinner with our Friend Janine, whom we'd met at Starbucks. After dinner we went to her really cool apartment on 5th Ave. It was right next to a bar that had a band every night. That night we sat up on her balcony overlooking the street and the band, and drank a bottle of Jayson Zinfandel. It was magical. She even had dark chocolate . . . yum. It got a little scary when I shut the sliding glass door to the balcony and locked us out. After several panic stricken moments she found a window that wasn't closed all the way and climbed through. Eso es Mexico!

I uploaded photos for this trip's blogs, so please take a moment to check them out. Until next vacation, Adios and Via con Dios.

Heidi and Joe


  1. Still enjoying your blogs...keep up the good work! :)

    Funny about the gourd lamp...only in Mexico, eh?