Friday, November 11, 2011

The Edgy Side of Playa Del Carmen

After having been here for two weeks you are beginning to see a layer not so obvious at first glance.

We wandered into the less touristy area at night trying to find a chicken BBQ restaurant. It was a little scary on the darker streets. We decided to come back the next day in broad daylight and have lunch instead. By-the-way, it was delicious. Whole chickens BBQ'd to perfection, and served with bowls of spicy stuff and fresh tortillas. Bottles of coke with straws was a novelty to me, but everyone did it. Maybe the bottle rims are dirty?

The storms come in so fast I can barely get my camera in time to catch the sun still shining as the black clouds stampede in.

We were at this fabulous fish taco stand the other day. It's on the beach access road. We laughed as six teenage boys ran off the beach, stuffing necklaces and bracelets in their pants, and dove behind the cars in front of us. The beach police cruised by slowly on their quad-runners. After they went by the boys popped out of hiding, dusted themselves off, and went back to work with no one the wiser as to where the jewelry had been stuffed. Note to self!

A popular tank top here is one that says "I love (heart) shoes, bags, and boys". This shirt is in practically every shirt store window. The other night an overweight, hairy man was squeezed into this tank top and had cut out big circles around his chest. Talk about low class! He was with a large loud group of men who mocked and made fun of everyone.

Captain Jack Sparrow came by my porch yesterday! I swear it was him . . . or maybe his look-a-like :)  He was amazingly good. He had the whole swaying movements and everything, you know the way Johnny Depp would lean back and raise his eyebrows when he talked. Very cool costume and everything. Joe thinks it was Johnny Depp incognito as himself..

This one made us both laugh for some reason . . . the other night we saw a giant cockroach trying to cross fifth avenue without getting stepped on. The funny part was he had a cigarette in his mouth. Those who noticed stepped around it to let it cross. It would have been a great Marlboro commercial.

A favorite beach bar is this funky bar at the north end of the beach called Cannibal Royal. It's three stories tall and has the design of a ship. Interesting people watching there. Absolutely beautiful view!

Everywhere we go people say "Hey Cowboy" or "Mister Texas" because Joe wears a cowboy hat all the time. It can really get annoying after awhile, as they try to use this one liner over and over again. The other night he left the hat behind and it was miraculous. No one bothered him or yelled out "Cowboy". It was great.

We have discovered this awesome side street that is an artisan market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They sell all kinds of funky stuff you can't find elsewhere. Joe bought me a gorgeous pair of conch shell earrings, and I got him an arrowhead necklace. Well, we're off to finish our time here with style . . . fish tacos, beer, and another massage on the beach. Thanks for traveling with me again!

Wine opened: Perry Creek Altitude 2401, '05' Zin . . . very, very nice. Strong heavy plum with a subtle smokiness. A special purchase from the winery owner's private stock. The last bottle is Modus Operandi, '08' Cab . . . still a little tight with a hint of citrus at first but settles down to a softer oak/cassis finish. And YES I do bring my own wine from home! Bikinis + sundresses + flipflops + mask/fins/snorkle + wine = less than 50 lbs.


  1. wow heidi! you really are a great writer! I laughed out loud at the cockroach, would have loved to see it. Maybe I shouldn't say this but I just spent some glorious days with your food club buddies and Mel told me about a fun new present that she got you... tell me what you think, when you get it.

    I also have a saying "This is India!" when things explode, break, or fail to show up the way that we so foolishly expect...wich is quite regularly.

    It sure would be fun to go on vacay with you guys someday! Maybe the shetlers can provide the the childcare while you guys provid ethe company....? just an idea...

    1. Let's go! And what was the present? do you remember?