Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Eleven Hour Flight

We got on the road on time, but an accident on HWY 50 put us at a snail’s pace, which meant the rest of the drive to Oakland Airport was like a high speed chase scene. We barely got to the gate on time. Thank goodness it’s a small airport. After checking in and security we only stood at the gate for 5-10 minutes… just long enough to shoot off a few texts to rub it in that we were going on vacation. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Norwegian Airlines, but they fly these enormous 787’s out of Oakland at rock bottom prices. It’s so much cheaper than regular airlines that we are flying first class and it’s still less expensive… and we don’t have any stops, none!

Have you ever flown first class? We did it once a long time ago when Joe’s mom gave us some air-miles. We used them to upgrade. That was amazing, so we were pretty stoked about flying all the way to Barcelona in the fancy-pants section. What a difference. No wonder people do this. Firstly we got to go straight up to the check-in counter (I’ve seen people do this) and we went through a separate line (actually no line) to get to the security checkpoint. In other words we probably would’ve missed our flight.

Then you get to board first and they bring you juice before the plane even takes off. And the seats! Wow, talk about roomy. They tilt all the way back almost flat and have legs rests that go up. Right now I’m sitting here with my legs stretched out straight and I can’t touch the seat in front of me with my toes (I can already hear the jokes about how that’s not amazing because I have short legs!).

The flight attendant brought me a glass of wine before dinner. This deserves its own paragraph. It wasn’t good wine, but still. Dinner was good, but I’ve never seen such a small salad in my entire life. Honestly, it had less lettuce than you’d find on a hamburger.

Each seat has a little flip-up TVs hidden in the armrest. You should’ve seen us trying to figure out how to get them up without looking like country bumpkins. I was trying to pry it out because it had a sign that said LIFT. Izzy lifted up on that and I almost lost a finger! The second time we pulled it out we just lifted the handle thingy and it leaped out and scared us both, lol. We couldn’t stop giggling. Then we tried to sleep, but I kept sliding out of the seat. Later when I went to use the restroom I saw that there’s a flap at the bottom of the leg rest—a place to put your feet! That would’ve been good to know four hours ago.


  1. Hello Heidi and Mr.Joe, We have also taken off with you in this 'adventure journey'! Hope you have a great time ahead. Enjoy your holidays and remember us sometimes. Love Bharti & Rajeev

  2. Hello Bharti! We look forward to the day we come to India to stay with you :) Hugs to Rajeev