Friday, May 18, 2018

Barcelona Here We Come!

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to play on swing-sets and dance more than she liked to study. Her grades weren’t very good, but she didn’t mind a bit.

Along came a crazy lady who whispered in her ear, “If you get straight A’s in your senior year of high school I will take you to Italy.” (Yeah, I’m the crazy lady)

Little Izzy began to dream of Italy. She began to study harder and even decided to take her most difficult classes before her senior year to improve her probability of getting straight A’s.

The crazy lady began to worry.  She would try and distract Izzy from her goal, but nothing worked. She even tried to change the promise to Mexico (cheaper), but this teenager put her foot down, and said no, “I’m not getting straight A’s just to go to Mexico!”

Well, she did it… and now we’re taking her to Italy. First we’ll go to Barcelona on the way, then Rome, up to Florence, and back to Rome. Our friends Egle & Gianluca are letting us stay with them in Rome. They got to know Izzy when they were at our house in 2016 for a couple of months, so they are excited about seeing her again. Joe is her running coach, so look for short videos of her running past landmarks like the Roman Colosseum.

Moral of the story? Don’t make promises you can’t keep… I promised her little brother (who would rather swim than study) that I’d take him to Mexico!

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