Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hasta Luego Cabo San Lucas!

Hello, we’re heading home. All of us are as brown as the local clay. I haven’t had this lazy of a vacation ever. The big events were going out to eat at a couple of fancy restaurants, and trying to figure out what time happy hour was at which pool.
Our first pool adventure was the Sky Pool. Pueblo Bonito is enormous and the Monte Cristo Estates are outside of the main complex, so getting a ride is a must. Little golf carts zip everywhere, all the time. You just call for one and off you go. So off we went to the Sky Pool. It has an infinity pool (all the pools seem to be infinity pools and they are usually double deckers). We repeated this one several times because the bartender was so great. His name is Zenon.
The other pool was just called the Main Pool, but it was enormous, and crowded . . . lots of kids. The cool part about the pool was the beach. The only way to access the beach was below the pool. There were cabanas on the sand with lawn chairs, and a security guard who made sure you didn’t step foot in the ocean.
When we first learned we couldn't get in the ocean because of rip-tides and under-toes we felt rebellion well up in our stubborn hearts. I’m a Californian. Born and raised on the ocean in northern California. I played in the freezing ocean when I was itty bitty. However, once I stood in front of the crashing waves, I decided it might not be a good beach to play in the water. It must be very steep immediately off the beach because the giant waves reached their peak right at the water line. It was amazing to see surfer’s waves looming over us and then slamming into the sand with a deafening roar. These weren’t pretty blue waves, they were full of sand. There’s no way you could get into that water without being crushed and then sucked out to sea.
So our next adventure was to go over to the Rose. The Rose is the sister hotel. We could get a shuttle, hang out at their pool, and charge things to our room.
And they had a beach. A beach you could get into the ocean from.
We wandered along the beach, after we got our saltwater fix, and found a little taco place called Omega. I had the best fish tacos I’ve ever had in Mexico. And ice cold beer too. Just a note to the beer lovers out there, Pueblo Bonito isn’t into ice cold beer, nor do they have a good variety of beer, and they always run out of whatever you have your heart set upon. So embrace Tecate and Corona, or bring your own.
Another gorgeous sister hotel next to ours, called Pacifico, has a great restaurant called Siempre. Expensive but good. The Pacifico is all inclusive, adult only, and is designed with a Zen-like décor. Everything is quiet. Peaceful. Little tinkling waterfalls welcome you to the lobby. All of the passages are cool and white. Obviously expensive, but they let us split a meal.
We went to La Frida’s on the last night. Joe saved his Frida’s T-shirt for that night, only to find out that collars are required. They loaned him a button up shirt to wear over his shirt (but the host liked the psychedelic skull design so much, he told Joe to leave the shirt unbuttoned so everyone could see it). We sat on the balcony, so we could watch the sun set. It was hot, but spectacular.
On the note of heat, the rainfall created an amazing amount of humidity. It was super-hot in Cabo. We were so thankful for our strong air-conditioner. It was pretty neat to see the valley below our room turn green in the week we were there.
Now I sit on a jet heading home, reminiscing about all the wine we drank. We will all go to Playa Del Carmen again in November for a week, and for the second week we haven’t decided yet . . . Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Akumal? No sabemos!
Hasta Luego mis amigos, Heidi and Joe

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