Friday, July 25, 2014

Cabo San Lucas

Hi Everyone!
We’re on another dashing and bold adventure . . . well maybe not bold, but it is certainly dashing. This is our first trip to Cabo San Lucas. Our friends, Mark and Melissa, have a “time share” down here at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach on the Pacific side of the peninsula. Not sure how it works, but owners can use credits to upgrade from condos to the Monte Cristo Estates.
These are essentially two-story mansions twice the size of our house.
Private infinity pool, ocean view, three bedrooms with in-suite bathes and air controls, an outdoor BBQ, and a gourmet kitchen. A golf cart will zip over and take you anywhere you may want to go at the resort.The resort has 8 pools. A man comes over to our house every day to make sure everything is functioning properly.
Melissa arranged for a van to pick us up from the airport and take us to Costco on the way to the resort. We bought a week’s worth of food. The first night Joe barbequed chicken and Mark made a tasty chicken and fresh veggie pasta dish.
I woke up this morning to a weird rumbling sound and then the electricity went out. Laying there in the dark I could hear the pounding rain. What an amazing sight to see a torrential downpour in the desert from our porch. Lightening flashing continuously, rumbling thunder and the excitement of being here for such an important event as rain. The locals were so happy. The last time it had rained was eight months ago, and it was only a light rain.
Then Joe and I were off to the 90 minute sales pitch so we could get $250.00 in resort credits for food and drinks. We resisted the salesmen (Gilberto was a sweetheart), and left with the credits and a full stomach.
The rest of today was spent flopping back and forth between the pool and the lounge chairs. A black cat watched us suspiciously. The only thing missing is our best buds Dan and Denise, who couldn't make it in the last minute. It’s hard to not think of them with everything we do because for so long they planned to be here with us. (By the way, they are fine—probably drowning their sorrows with expensive wine at some little beach cottage on the California coast).

We’ll see what tomorrow brings . . . maybe we’ll get to see the desert bloom?

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