Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Italy, Here We Come!

When we were in the Bahamas last October, we met some amazing people. I guess because of Hurricane Sandy, we bonded in a special way. Whatever the case may be, we connected with a delightful young couple from Milan, Italy. We invited them to come to California to stay with us! They invited us to come to Milan to stay with them!

I began thinking “Where will we go for our vacation this year? It must be special because it is a special year for us.” I turn 50, Joey turns 55, and it is our 25th wedding anniversary. What is more special than Italy?

Gianluca and Egle wrote to us and asked where our next Dashing Bold Adventure would be. I answered “Funny you should ask . . . We want to come see you!” In true Italian style they responded with enthusiasm and grace. We leave Thursday to spend 2 weeks with them in their home in Milan. We have plans for Venice, Barolo, and the Dolomites.

Veronica from Florence is coming up one weekend to sleep on the couch and go wine tasting with us. We can’t wait to see her.

So stay tuned for our next adventure.

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