Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This one is for the guys! It all started when I saw a Lamborghini in downtown Milano. I heard it before I saw it. I brought my camera up in anticipation of seeing something cool. It had a low rumble like a Mustang, but looked like a Bat-Mobile. I snapped a photo having no idea what it was. By the way, for you Lamborghini buffs, this is the new color . . . a matt black.

This car, the Maserati, was a surprise to me. I thought it would be more race car-like, but it’s actually sort of elegant. I saw one illegally parked on the sidewalk in front of the Armani Hotel. Gianluca said it was probably the owner or CEO of the hotel. He could afford the ticket J

The Ferraris are bright red at the store, but they are different colors elsewhere. Black is the most common here. The red one still garnered the attention of the guys though.

Porsches are not as common here as they are in the US, so they draw some attention.

A beautiful car caught my attention that I couldn’t identify. It turns out it was a Bentley . . . the sports edition.

All this being said, the Italians’ really love the traditional American cars. Especially the Camaro. It made me laugh when everybody’s heads turned to catch a glimpse of a car. I stopped scrambling for my camera when I realized it was a Range Rover. I went into a clothing store in the fashion district and they had the Duke’s of Hazard’s car there. People were posing for photos with it. I showed the picture to Egle’s father and he immediately said “Ah, the General  Lee”.

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