Monday, April 11, 2011

Screaming Good Time!

hi ya'll,

we went zip lining today. mom and mom, maybe you shouldn't read this next part . . . i'm just saying! anyway, most of you know what a zip-line tour is.
it's insanity. joe and i went with four other guys up to the very top of the cliffs of montezuma, had harnesses attached to us, and then they attached us to these cables that go from one platform to another through the jungle, spanning canyons. the only thing slowing you down is your gloved hand on the cable. the platforms are so far apart, that there are times when you can't see the next platform. when you get ready to go they attach your harness to the cable and let go and . . . ZIPPIDY-DO-DA, off you go flying a thousand feet above the rivers and waterfalls.
when you come careening towards the platform they reach out and grab you and release you for the next cable line. a couple of them where so fast that i screamed from the adrenaline rush while laughing. then we went to the waterfalls and jumped into the pools of water, shook off the water, and finished our 'canopy tour'. the last zip was crazy. i started rotating about half way through. it was a slow spin but i couldn't control it because it was a 'no brakes allowed' cable. unfortunately i stopped on my own before arriving at the platform, and a very very nice young tico rescued me:) the guys had to rescue themselves.

times out


  1. glad you had a very nice young tico! we went ziplining across the river in the jungles of Costa Rica for our honeymoon, that was nine years ago and it is still traumatic for me. I got flipped around and couldnt break because your hand has to be heind you and behind me was in front of me... you know what I mean... i turned just in time before the platform with was eched in to a rock, I had no tico to slow me, and my newly married husband just watched in stupidity while I SLAMMED into the rock... glad you had fun! was your throat sore next day?

  2. I guess I saw this comment and didn't respond because I still remember this story! :D