Wednesday, April 6, 2011

no class today!

howdy ya'll,

our teacher didn't show up today, so we sat around and studied on our own for a couple of hours 'til we got bored. now i sit here and joe has gone running. today is overcast and cooler. this means that sweat isn't trickling down my back while standing in the shade.

joe, olesia, and i went up to the waterfalls on monday for a swim in fresh water. our dog came with us. we've named him 'spot'. he is white with two big black spots on his back. his first love is olesia, but he's become attached to us since she left. he follows us around and sits at our feet at the restaurants, ever hopeful. at the waterfall pool he spends the entire time hunting for fish. it's entertaining to watch.

yesterday we had our spanish lab in the kitchen. we learned how to make gallopinto. black beans and rice, which was accompanied by eggs and fried plantain bananas. afterwards went to our favorite beach with the bigger waves and joe played alone because i was sick of being tossed around and covered with sand (in my bathing suit, my ears, my nose, everywhere!). afterwards we walked along the beach trying to find the elusive ylang-ylang resort. the road doesn't go all the way to this resort, so the guests check in at sano banano cafe and a giant land rover comes and gets them. we saw the ylang-ylang SUV go by several times while on the beach. curiosity got the best of us and we followed the tracks for 15 minutes to the next beach.

i finally got a good glass of wine! a malbec from argentina. the view was amazing and the service equal to the setting. joe tried a costa rican beer 'bavaria dark' . . . okay, two beers. he had to be sure they were good. this will come as a shock to you, but i got into an in depth conversation with the manager about american wine. the owner wants to import american wine to the restaurant. he was a little stunned when i told him i'd brought 6 bottles of wine from home:)

we finally walked back to montezuma and waited in vain for the fire dancing show to begin in the streets. there is a big self awareness festival here for the week. this town excels in self awareness. the people in general are divided into 3 groups . . . the tourists (mostly beach bums), the working class (Argentinians, italians, nicaraguans), and the reggae-hippie crowd. the reggae group consider themselves to be artists. they makes jewelry and pipes. they have little signs implying that they want to save the planet and increase self awareness. apparently this is done by staying as stoned as possible and leaving your trash everywhere while the working class cleans up after them.

gotta go, time is over.

lots of love and hugs, heidi

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