Friday, April 9, 2010

4-9-10, Guanajuato

ohmygosh! life is way too fast here. this town never seems to sleep. i feel like i'm in vegas without the bright lights! there is a huge medievial festival in the stadium across the street from our house. the constant noise of drums, cheering, clapping, and music is deafening at first, but after awhile it all becomes white noise. at night though, it is too much even for me. i had to wear my earplugs last night. as i sit here on the upstairs balcony of our school i can hear talking, walking, cars driving over loose tiles making a melodous clacking sound, a dog barking, birds screeching (they don´t sing here), car radios, other keyboards clicking, and a metal door being rolled up . . . simultaniosly.

last night when we came home at about 9:00, people were heading the other way towards el centro! yesterday a medievial procession stopped us in our tracks as we all scrambled for the tiny sidewalks to let them pass, horses and all. later we climbed a callejon (narrow alley) up to a italian resturant and had a negra modelo for 20 pesos (about $1.50). we didn't eat there though. we like this one outdoor cafe called 'el cafe'. it is directly in front of the teatro juarez. teatro juarez is THE hot spot for people watching. they usually have a mime or clown performing for the people sitting on the steps. we like to sit and watch the show while we eat. a couple of nights ago we ate at a restuarant at that same corner and had a romantic window seat. it was so nice and the food was delicious.

our home is peaceful and the lady is lovely . . . very professional. she cooks good too. our mornings have fallen into a routine of eating mango, bananas, papaya, apples and yogurt with a sprinkle of muesli on top with freshly squeezed orange juice. lunch varies, but usually includes soup, salad, fried meat, rice or mashed potatoes. dinner we´re on our own.

our home has another student from our school. he´s from holland. he´s a giant and he is 18 years old. a little young for a trip like this, but he's maturing rather quickly. he spends most of his time partying with the kids from the university. he´s been here for 8 weeks and has 4 more to go. i hope he´ll make it. he seems to dislike america and frequently brings up how the rest of the world views us from his young point of view. i'm not sure, but it may be his sense of humor.

this weekend we will be going to san migeul de allende. it´s an artist colony with lots of shops. it is supposed to be quiet and mellow. we rented a little bungalow that shares a kitchen with 5 other bungalows. i´m sure i´ll tell you all about it next week. so, until then via con dios and we love you.

heidi and joe

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