Thursday, April 8, 2010

4-3-10, delayed post from L.A.

hello everyone!

the last computer in mexico wouldn't let me access my e-mail to tell you i had blogged, i had about 30 seconds on the day i sent my blog address out. hence the error :) now i am sitting at an outdoor computer kiosk in LA. this peice of junk won't let me blog! plus it has half the keys worn off the key board. that's okay, i will perservere.

yesterday we left mexico with the base camp truck to cross over the border in a small caravan with the two church buses full of kids. they made all of the kids get out and walk over the border with their passports. then the patrol searched the buses. they got off easy! joe and i got sent over to the 'special' line where the guard politely told us to unload the truck . . . yeah, unload the truck!!! joe and i. we got out and started pulling out what took us 4 guys and 5 hours to pack. first items off were the sleeping bags and pillows which is about the back third of the truck. right when we got to the heavy stuff, God must've whispered in the guards ear, and the guard said "that's enough". . . then they sent the police dog into the truck.

we met the group at dana point for ultimate frisbee, then we went to good friday services at bethany bible church. the music was unfamiliar (old hyms) to our group, but they listened and tried to join in. finally they came to 'amazing grace' and it brought our 40 kids to their feet as they poured out their love though singing with hands up. later the pastor came up and told us how much it touched his heart to hear us sing and then see us standing spontaniously in worship.

last night we came here . . . 'the backpackers paradise and hostel'. hmmm. i've never, ever been to a place quite like this. my first thought was 'oh crud, we're
doomed', but the lady upgraded us for some unknown reason and we stayed in an adorable cottage with a kitchenette. the cottages must have been built in the early 1900's. the bed was so soft and comfortable that we slept for 9 hours! this morning is even wierder than last night though. i feel like we are in europe. everyone is speaking a different language and there are tons of people who look like they slept last night on the beach with their surfboards.

i don't have time for spellcheck.

we are leaving for mexico tonight at midnight. red-eye flights always seem like such a good idea when you are paying for them . . . but not so great when you're boarding the plane :)

lots of love, heidi

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