Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Island Life

The WiFi was so weak I couldn’t get enough of a signal to post my blog with pictures. It will have to be done from home. So these were written in real time, but posted later with the photos. I was able to do Instagram photos, but it’s kinda hard to write anything very interesting with a smart phone :(

Larry and Lisa have joined our little group (on 11-4). They came on Saturday evening. I texted them, “Do you want us to meet you at the ferry or the hotel lobby?” Larry texted back, “The beach!”

Here’s the cycle of island vacations; Work-out, Eat, Beach, Eat, Beach, Nap, Eat, Music, Sleep, Repeat.

I have doubled my caloric intake! I knew I would but it still surprises me what a little piggy I become. For that reason, I start my day with a 30 minute speed walk. On the east side of the island it is very windy and they’ve paved about a mile of the shoreline with a walking path -- a promenade. Even though it’s in the sun, it feels good to have that constant breeze. All the fitness-minded people trot, walk and lunge their way up and down this path all day long.

My seat was on the pink bench with the kids :)
Then the big decision… breakfast. Which one of the hundreds of restaurants shall we try today? I tend to gravitate to the beach places. There’s nothing like coffee, fruit and yogurt while watching the oceans shifting colors.

Next we have to hustle down to the beach and get our favorite chairs. We like the ones under the palm trees and we have them put umbrellas up for us too. The other day an older gentleman stopped in front of Lisa and Larry’s chairs we’d reserved with towels (they had stopped at their room to change). He just stared at the chairs and then at us. Finally he said, “I like chairs in the shade.” I pointed out that they had umbrellas for that purpose. “I like the trees and the umbrellas,” he stated as he stared at us like we should move. I politely pointed to the neighboring palm tree and suggested he pull some chairs under it.

After splashing around in the ocean and oohing and aahing over the fancy yachts, we huddle and decide where we should eat again. Usually a beach place… usually fish tacos and beer. Then back in the water (and we don’t wait thirty minutes like our mom’s told us to do). We walk as fast as we can in the shallow water for a few minutes to reduce the guilt and then flop in beach chairs like we’re exhausted. Nap-time, or reading for those of us that don’t understand the concept of a nap.

Then it’s time for hot showers and clothes. Off to the four-by-four-street town of North Beach. How they can squeeze this many restaurants and bars in such a small town is beyond me. It’s not unusual to stop and listen to 3 or 4 different bands while wandering around. Surprisingly, we agree pretty easily on where to eat. Lobster is a big deal here. Joe had lobster tacos last night. I had filet mignon tacos :)

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