Sunday, April 17, 2016

Playa Del Carmen

This time I could only get one week off from work. You know for us that is torture. I made the mistake of accepting a management position last August and have been running full speed ever since. The combo of releasing my recent book, El Tiburon, and writing the third book have stressed me. I knew it was time when one of my employees said, “You need to go on vacation. You always come back refreshed.” Well… hmmm, instead of being wounded that it was so obvious I needed a vacation, I booked one :)
So here we are in Playa Del Carmen, enjoying a quick week of sand and sunshine.

Yesterday, April 15th, was our thirty-seventh year together and we still prefer each other’s company to anyone else in the world. I highly recommend marrying your best friend.

Immediately after unpacking we went to one of our favorite little street bar/restaurants, La Barbacoa, and shared fajitas and a giant draft Negra Modelo. And I mean giant, like one of those steins you use as a flower vase! I had to tip it sideways on the table just to get a sip because it was too heavy when full.

This is our second time staying at Playa Palms Condos. We have a ground level room with a nice view of the ocean from our porch. On our big day we had breakfast delivered to our room (actually they do that every day). Then we planted our butts on the beach chairs and read for a couple of hours. The added benefit was watching the two older Russian couples playing a heated game of cards next to us. It reminded me of my family when I was little.

We relocated further down the beach to the bigger sandy area where the locals hang out. We had a motive. Their fish tacos are scrumptious, and of course they have Negra Modelo… do you detect a theme? I actually brought wine from California, as usual, but red wine on the beach isn’t easy. But I was hankering for it. As usual we struck up a friendship with the ancient guy sitting next to me. He kept offering a toast to Joe and to me. Next thing you know he and Joe are buying each other beers. The old guy’s family adopted us and suddenly I had a glass of red wine in my hand… complete with ice cubes. They tried to convince me to add the pink soda-pop to it, but I have my limits to the hospitality I’ll accept. Apparently I dozed off. I awoke to the sound of a mariachi band right behind my chair. Viva la Mexico!

We finally wandered back to our condo, still enjoying our special day. Dinner was my choice. I love Aldea Corazon. It’s a romantic restaurant set in the jungle right in the middle of town. At some point in the distant past a sink-hole occurred here and now they have set up tables along the rim amidst the trees and the fresh-water stream. 

The service is impeccable, and telling our waiter we were celebrating our 37th anniversary resulted in dessert on the house! Lovely.

Now we’re off to go grocery shopping before it gets to hot! We heard there is a church on 45th and Juarez, so we will try to find it today.

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