Saturday, November 28, 2015

Heading home from Turks and Caicos 5 pounds heavier

Well, here we are suffering a six hour flight from Miami to LA. As much as I like to travel, I get incredibly bored flying. The only source of entertainment is watching the little girl across the aisle try to create as much mischief as possible before succumbing to sleep. Leaving Turks was at least interesting for the great aerial view.

We said goodbye to Larry and Lisa on Tues. They could only stay with us for 10 days because they had to get back to the ranch. They seemed to have a good time. Club Med isn’t for everyone. One first-timer said it well, “This is like summer camp for adults… with really good food.” To me the best part of the Club Med method is to create a vacation where you have the least amount of decisions as possible. You get whatever room they give you, they have a huge buffet of food with a different theme every night, they have a show every night, and they even have a clothing theme for each night. There're so many sports options, it's mind boggling. Now clearly you can have a hamburger every night and wear whatever you want, but if you don’t want to think—it’s wonderful.  Honestly, you can check your brain in at reception when you arrive. For me that’s a vacation.
Right after they left we had a torrential downpour. It roughed up the sea and killed the diving visibility. 

We finally dove Friday, and after I jumped in to put on my BCD, Joe yelled from the safety of the boat, “There’s a shark right behind you. I turned expecting to see a huge fin coming straight toward me with the Jaws theme-music playing. I saw nothing. Assuming Joe was messing with me, I went back to my gear, but the divers still on the boat were pointing behind me. I let the air out of my BCD and sank down to get a better look and lo-and-behold a shark had just turned and was swimming away!

That reminds me of the barracuda. We were all standing out in the water at the beach, and this barracuda swims up to us! They aren’t the friendliest fish, so we weren’t thrilled. I shoved a big pink floaty we had at it in the hopes that it would scare it away. Did you know barracudas will actually come after pink floaties? I didn’t! Not sure whether he was curious or hungry, but we got the heck out of his way (and made a mental note to not bring the pink floaty-thingy back in the water!)

Joe made a prediction at the beginning of the vacation that I would end up in a wheelchair by the end (or at least using crutches). I started by stepping on a rock in the sand and bruised my arch. It hurt like crazy to walk on sand so I muttered, “ouch, ouch, ouch” all the way to the water. It healed. Then I jumped off the surfboard (paddle board) and twisted my ankle, “ouch, ouch…” It healed quickly with salonpaas. A day later as I was entering the water I stepped on a crab and it momentarily latched onto my other foot… I just about jumped out of my skin! Once all that drama healed, I stepped on a sharp piece of coral and took a chunk out of the exact same spot I’d bruised! Ouch, ouch…However, I never resorted to crutches J

We met this sweet young lady from the Harry Potter generation. I noticed this tattoo on her arm and asked her about it. She explained that the Death Eaters would sneak up on people and suck the joy out of them, leaving the person evil or dead. The Expecto Petronum spell would repel the Death Eaters, thereby retaining your joy. Her tattoo was a reminder to herself to keep an eye out for people who suck the joy out of life. Pretty smart huh?

In spite of it all, it was a super relaxing vacation. Now I need to focus on my book release party on January 16th!

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