Friday, October 23, 2015


Counterpart is the first novel to feature Sean and Sport. You might want to read Counterpart before El Tiburon is released on 12/30/15. Here's a quick description:
Imagine a strong single woman with a thriving career as a physician. Sport calls all the shots, with no ties other than three cats and an immigrant mother who desperately wants her to get married. The male compatriot is an agent for the CIA. Sean has sworn to protect his country from foreign invasion, and he is serious about his job. Sean is Caucasian and Sport is African-Japanese. They are both fiercely American. The last thing on either of their minds is romance.
Sport witnesses the murder of a family friend, and escapes into Sean’s protective custody. When a plot by Russia to infiltrate our nation is uncovered, Sean finds out too late his direct boss is the enemy . . . Sport has the evidence to prove it. The dilemma is how to keep Sport safe and resolve the escalating danger to the country. When they realize the President is the next target, they join forces with a rag-tag team of patriots to stop the assassination.
The scene unfolds at a swift pace as Sean and Sport struggle with internal and external conflict. They bicker, yet love continues to grow in spite of their differences. With murder, romance, humor, and intense action at every turn they learn to depend on each other.
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