Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Storm is Brewing

Here I sit watching a massive black cloud engulf Cozumel. The wind is whipping our direction. The workers here race out to retrieve the beach chair cushions. A waiter is shutting and latching the storm windows around me just as the first splats of rain hit the glass. Beach guests are laughing and running up the sandy incline to seek shelter. The forecast said 80% chance of rain . . . I guess we got the 80%. I sip my coffee, and let my ham and cheese omelet settle. A good day for writing.

*Oh wait a second! The rain stopped and the sun is coming out. 
*Psych! Now the rain’s back.

This morning I went for my walk on Fifth Avenue. This is one of my favorite things to do. The normally crowded street is empty except for early morning workers, walkers, and cats. Joe went running down the beach. He said it was great going south but coming back against the wind was a chore.

*Good grief, the rain's coming in sideways. This restaurant leaks.

Last night we ate at a nice little terrace restaurant on Fifth Ave called Los Rancheros. The waiter, Oscar, was excellent. He made our guacamole right at our tableside. We shared a platter of chicken fajitas. We were so full we joined the promenade to work off our food. The monkey people are figuring out that I don’t want to hold their monkey by my skittering sideways every time they come near.

*Man, is it humid in this cafĂ©! Sun is coming out and it’s barely sprinkling.

I love this little cheap hotel. The majority of the guests are young couples with babies in pajamas. The older children play in our itty-bitty little pool. The grandparents sit at the poolside and watch the kids while the parents share a margarita on the beach. It’s a great system. It is a perfect place for kids to explore the ocean too because it is so shallow here. I can stand up 40 yards out. The waves break pretty far out.

Our hotel has complimentary beach chairs, which is good because otherwise you have to rent them for the day . . . about 15 pesos a day, which is a little over a dollar. But when you rent a chair you get food and drink service. Even if you don’t rent a chair you can flag down a server from your beach towel and they will run over to get your order. They’ll even bring out a little table.
Each series of chairs are different, so you should come prepared with your questions. Do you have bathrooms, showers, a pool, cushions for the chairs, is there a time limit, can my wife and I with our two kids share two chairs, is the rental price waived with the order of food and drinks, do you have ice chests for the beverages?

*It’s sunny and almost clear skies with couples walking on the beach holding hands again.

You know, a 60 min massage for $20 is really starting to sound good. I think I’ll hunt down Gabby at El Faro. Gabby is the daughter of Vicki from Oaxaca. We stayed at Vicki’s home when we were in language school in Oaxaca a couple of years ago. I have a feeling she will charge quite a bit more than twenty bucks

*Wow, it’s sweltering hot in here now. I’m gonna head out to the water pretty soon. The lounger cushions are being brought back out.

By-the way, Hello Ana, Rueben, and the kids. We know you guys are mad because we're in Mexico again and not visiting you! But we love you and will come to see you eventually :)

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