Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oaxaca, Mexico

Hola Amigos y Familia,

We made it! As usual Joe talked me into a midnight flight and for the first time I slept on the plane. Probably because I'm sick . . . Joe gave me his cold. Our flights were extremely close this time, or the planes were running late. In Mexico City we found our gate and noted the sign for Oaxaca with a message saying the flight was boarding. We rushed up to the counter only to be told "No problem, don't worry". Okay. When the sign changed to final call for our flight to Oaxaca, I tried again. Now I had a small contingent of 'worriers'. I felt better when a man going to Puerta Viarta got mad because his flight said "departed". She finally waved her hand at the signs and said "that doesn't mean anything". We boarded 10 minutes later with boarding passes in hand (after a bus ride to the plane). Seats 27B and 27C, no problem. It was a bit of a shock to get to the back of the plane, along with passengers for seats 20 through 29. The plane only had 19 rows! Okee-Dokee. The stewardess said, with a wave of her hand, "sit anywhere, no worries". Eso es Mexico.

Our taxi driver drove like a madman, but we were dropped off at Las Bugambilas Bed and Breakfast Inn. We were two hours too early so the receptionist let us put our bags in her own room. Joe and are still laughing over her bathroom. The toilet was inside the shower. Thankfully our room has a 'normal' bathroom, with a huge shower and hot water. The bed has a beautiful mural on the wall. A minor problem was being locked out onto our patio. It seems the screen door has a latch that can't be disabled. The first time a worker saw us and came to our rescue through our bedroom. The second time we pried the screen door open on the bottom and I squeezed through enough to pop the latch. Now the latch is sitting on the table in the room.

On our first walk we met two lovely young ladies selling book markers. We are now the proud parents of a 18 year old girl named Maria Isabelle. Her sister offered her to us when they discovered we couldn't have children :) Nice sister huh?  We had a little cluster of college students approach us to interview us for the English class. Their teacher stood by to ensure we didn't speak Spanish to them. They were adorable.

Oaxaca is the most beautiful, gracious city I've been to. It combines the elegance and antiquity of Florence, Italy with the vibrancy of Guanajuato. The zocolos (town squares) are everywhere and have enormous trees. Hundreds of people congregate there to visit or sell their wares. The stages of life are all represented; Teenage couples smooch on shady benches, young couples walk holding hands with babies and toddlers, older couples sit watching their teenage daughters walk hand in hand deep in conversation while their teenage boys attempt to get the girls attention, all of this is overseen by the grandparents.

Now I sit in The Black Coffee Gallery, an open air coffee shop. Across the street a woman in her eighties is sitting in the shade selling hand made purses. A three foot tall Cinderella just walked by. A man sits next to me talking to someone on his computer video cam.

The cathedrals are awesome to see. There are art galeries, restuarantes, museums, and clothing stores everywhere. Speaking of stores . . . I've never seen so many shoe stores!

I haven't found my niche with the food yet. Breakfast this morning was pretty good . . . variations on the tamale. Tomorrow we move to our family's home where we will remain for four weeks. School starts 8:00 sharp on Monday morning.


  1. Oh no!!! Shoe stores, Heidi's weakness LOL

  2. Sounds like a wonderful start for a great getaway for wonderful people. Enjoy!

    1. Just seeing these comments for the first time! Crazy huh? Thanks Shelly ;)