Monday, October 31, 2011


hello travel buddies!

we are finally enroute to mexico. right now i sit here on the floor below the illustrious 'united club'. an airport employee told me that if you get real close to the doors you can get free WiFi. he's right :)  as i look around i see several other people with laptops loitering in the 'secret' free zone.

we were scheduled to leave 2 weeks ago. i rescheduled to accomodate my boss, which was a good thing because 2 storms went to the same place and we missed them. hurricane rina lingered a little longer than joe liked, and then she made a u-turn! so again we rescheduled for today. it's clear skies now, so we're off to mexico.

hopefully our hotel has WiFi like they said they do.  i'll write when i can.  my computor is all charged up now (joe found a plug by an electric car--under the WiFi club).  we are going to board soon.

hasta luego, heidi

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