Saturday, July 30, 2011

COUNTERPART; my newly published novel

my book was just published on smashwords last week ( ).  yesterday i received notification that COUNTERPART made it to the highest level . . . the "premium catalog".  this is great news because it means my novel will be available in pretty much all ebook formats (amazon/kindle, barnes & noble/nook, apple/ipad/iphone, diesel, scrollmotion, kobo, and sony).  it is super easy to download onto your pc at home using pdf or the adobe reader ( ).  i think the adobe is a nice reader for a pc.

so enough of the techno garble!  i'm so excited to have finally published my novel. i especially wanted to thank you guys who have faithfully read my blog, given me feedback and encouragement.  when you try to get a publisher or an agent to read your book and they won't even consider it, it can be absolutely depressing.  whenever i'd get a comment from one of you, i would tell myself "just keep trying, eventually you'll make it".  well i never did get a publisher to read it, so i finally took matters into my own hands and teamed up with the strictest self publisher i could find - smashwords.  they have been wonderful. one of their recommendations is to market my novel via a blog. well that's easy :)  i already have a blog with over 160 followers.

so let me tell you about my book . . . it's an action/romance, or maybe it would be better to call it espionage/military/detective, though one of my editors thinks it's a comedy/espionage.  hmm, maybe i'm not being very helpful.  in reality i had one of those crazy chase scene nightmares like the movie "the smith's" or "bourne identity", and i woke up with my heart racing.  i got up at 3 in the morning, wrote it down, and that is what my book is based on.

the main character, Sport, is a feisty young physician who accidentally stumbles onto a plot to assassinate our president.  she seeks the help of a cia agent, Sean, (who just happens to be handsome) and he takes it to his boss. this unfortunately is a very bad move.  his boss is the bad guy. now they are both on the run. they accumulate a ragtag team of military men to stop the ultimate plan which is to kill the president.

one aspect of the book that really speaks to me is the ethnic differences between Sport (half african american and half japanese) and Sean (an american mutt with a strong pride in his irish heritage).  they are both very attractive.  they are both fiercely american.  they are also perfectly happy being single, until things start heating up.

this brings me to another aspect of my novel that makes me happy.  these two never have sex during the book!  i was so surprised because they are so into eachother.  but they simply don't have time to press that issue as they are running for their lives.  for some reason i find this appealing.  i'm sick of books and movies where they force a sex scene just be modern, when we are shaking our heads at the silliness of that actually happening while everyone is trying to kill them!

i also like the cats.  Sport has several cats who somehow end up having a character part in the book.  they each have a unique personality.

well i could go on and on, but then there'd be nothing left to read :)  by-the-way i should warn you that "COUNTERPART" is a large novel.  so please go to my smashwords webpage, disable the adult filter at the bottom of the page (PG for scenes of violence), type in counterpart and click search, or click the link above.  read the first 20% free and if you like it, you can buy it for only $2.99.  just remember it is an ebook, not a paperback book.  you are NOT going to get a book in the mail after you buy it!!!

i hope you enjoy it and don't forget to give me a review when you finish it.

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